Stranger Things

Emmy-winning Main Title for Stranger Things on Netflix
Fragmented pieces of the logo kick off the Stranger Things sequence with a look and feel harkening back to the ‘film optical’ titles of the 1980s. This custom retro typeface animation married to the signature opening music by Survive creates the feeling of being drawn into a world both eerie and nostalgic.


what we did

We experimented with passing light through physical Kodaliths. It was important to introduce the subtle inconsistencies of traditional film opticals into this digitally animated sequence. At one point, Dan Perri, known for the original Star Wars titles, stopped by the Studio to share his insight and experiences with the Forces.


and then...

You know what happened next… Culture embraced the sequence wholeheartedly, and Stranger Things paraphernalia, fan art, branded collaborations, and name generators popped up everywhere. The title won an Emmy, a Clio, and a Communication Arts Award. We continue adapting it for new seasons, promos, and teasers for around the world.



  • creative director: michelle dougherty
  • producer: dunja vitolic
  • designers: arisu kashiwagi, my tran, eric demeusy
  • lead animator: eric demeusy
  • compositor: eric demeusy
  • flame artist: eric mason
  • head of production: tina starkweather
  • executive producer: ben apley
  • executive creative director: peter frankfurt