The Emoji Movie

Marketing Campaign for Sony Pictures
The goal for this national campaign was to be everywhere – as universal as emojis are in our everyday life. We landed on an approach full of puns, cultural references, and of course, emojis.


what we did

The campaign was all over social media, in Times Square, and of course, plastered across billboards and buses everywhere. We also partnered with Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City for an interactive window display and a fun opening weekend premiere with industry influencers.


and then...

It worked. The Emoji Movie opened #2 in the box office right behind Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. What happened after that… the film stayed in the top 10 for the next 10 weeks.


  • creative director: karin fong
  • producer: maggie robinson
  • designers: wes yang, nadia tzuo