The Pacific

Emmy-nominated Main Title for HBO
Teaming back up with the show creators’ for HBO’s follow up to their award winning series, “Band of Brothers,” we took inspiration from real accounts of WWII soldiers.


what we did.

Early on, Executive Producer Tom Hanks shared a story. One of his family members served in WWII as a wartime correspondent in the Pacific Theater. During the conflict, he recalled that the moisture in the area made using cameras impossible because the film would be ruined. Instead, charcoal and rolled up parchment were used to share all visual data. With a charcoal through-line set to the poetic score by Hans Zimmer, an intimate and award winning opening was born.



  • directors: ahmet ahmet & steve fuller
  • producers: cara mckenney, kathy kelehan
  • designer: lauren hartstone
  • illustrators: steve fuller, ahmet ahmet
  • flame artists: rod basham, eric mason
  • 2d animators: chris pickenpaugh, jessica sun, brian mcgee, annabel coleman, robert henry, shuyi wu, jeremy cox
  • editors: corey weisz, danielle white
  • design assistant: andrew chung
  • assistant editor: ben turner
  • dp for charcoal shoot: stacy toyama
  • coordinators: emily nelson, lizzy benbow, michele weintraub, kim dates
  • head of production: ben apley
  • executive producer: anita olan
  • creative director: peter frankfurt