Toyota Dominoes

Live action & CG commercial for DentsuBos
The spark of innovation is unexpected, and the impact of innovation turns the world upside down. To represent the spirit of “one great idea leading to the next,” Director Michelle Dougherty took the simple motion of dominoes falling… and flipped it on its head.







what we did

We placed computer-generated game pieces seamlessly into the environment of these cars, requiring careful pre-visualization, planning and 3D tracking of the live action footage that we shot. Check out the behind the scenes video to see how we put it all together.



  • director: michelle dougherty

  • producers: brian butcher, keith bryant, jj gerber

  • art director: tosh kodama

  • designers: rob bolick, maziar majd, kris fortin, cody redmer

  • animators: nathan boldman, thomas mcmahan, eric demeusy, troy barsness, ryan summers, eric zunkley, hao cui, cody redmer, maziar majd

  • editors: justine gerenstein, keith roberts

  • assistant editor: michael radtke

  • flame artist: rod basham

  • previs technical director: ryan summers

  • vfx supervisor: rod basham

  • lighting/texturing: mikey rogers, glenn suhy, troy barsness

  • 3d trackers: shelby stong, eugene paluso, filaments vfx

  • compositors: thomas mcmahan, sam cividanis, patrick longstreth, troy barsness

  • modeler: deandre moore

  • storyboard artist: bernard custodio

  • color correction: incendio, llc

  • bts photographers: wes yang, ryan speers

  • live action art director: dave corey

  • live action producer: gunnar clancy

  • live action production supervisor: silke thompson

  • live action production coordinator: megan pfaffenroth

  • live action dp: stacy toyama

  • live action 1st ad: andy morris

  • live action 1st ac: dennis lynch

  • live action 2nd ac: jay hardie

  • live action dit: nathan pena

  • live action motion control op: simon wakley

  • live action motion control tech: chris toth

  • coordinator: dominick guglielmo

  • head of production: claudina mercado

  • executive producer: ben apley