Emmy-nominated Main Title for HBO
How do you make an opening about the 1970s feel fresh when you are pitching to the likes of Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese? We focused on the essence of sound vibrations, macro-shots of record players and the feeling you get when listening to really good music.


what we did

Our team picked up a super 8 camera and started shooting in the studio. We utilized a substance called lycopodium powder, which naturally reacts to different sound waves, allowing us to visualize the music of the era. We even, as Director Alan Williams puts it, “baptized someone in a sea of flour.”

Watch the short behind the scenes below to see which scenes were real footage and which were built in CG.




  • creative directors: alan williams & michelle dougherty
  • producers: tess sitzmann, dunja vitolic
  • type designers: jeremy cox, henry chang
  • type animations: dan meehan, henry chang
  • 3d animators: bhakti patel, dan meehan, sekani solomon
  • additional designs: nick wiesner, michael sistek
  • lead editor: jessica ledoux
  • editor: zach kilroy
  • coordinator: krista templeton
  • production assistant: ruth estrada
  • executive producer: jon hassell
  • executive creative director: peter frankfurt