Clash Royale League World Finals Trailer
for Supercell

The top 6 teams from around the world prepare for battle in Tokyo at the first ever Clash Royale League World Finals live event. The contest drew over 700,000 viewers.

what we did.

Our team waited until the finalists were selected before setting off around the world to capture each Clash Royale team in their hometown. From Europe to Mexico City, our editor travelled with the team and cut footage nightly to create the seamless transitions in the final piece. Although the entire spot was story-boarded before take-off, the time we spent with each team allowed us to capture authentic moments and the energy of the competition in time for the World Final in Tokyo.

creative directors: tosh kodama & grant lau

  • producer: keith bryant
  • art director: isabell hacker
  • designers: tosh kodama, alan williams
  • animators: tim williams, nathan boldman, rob slychuck, merrill hall
  • editor: nate buchik
  • assistant editor: lexi gunvaldson
  • compositors: tim williams, nathan boldman, rob slychuck, merrill hall
  • directors of photography: sean stiegemeier, shasta spahn, john rutland, isabell hacker
  • 1st ac: brian baldwin
  • sound mix: eleven sound
  • coordinators: mitchell fraser , christine hernandez
  • head of production: aleen kim, franceska bucci
  • executive producer: jon hassell