Marvel's Jessica Jones

Emmy-nominated Title for Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix
The look and feel of this title sequence was inspired by the original comic illustrations and artwork of David Mack, as well as the character of New York City after the sun goes down.


what we did

We drew from the purple tones of classic cover art and created a palette of paints to mix into the filmed elements. With a touch of parallax and a great soundtrack this moody rendition of Jessica Jones’ New York came to life.


and then...

To see exactly how the process came together, watch the ‘making of’ video below.



  • creative director: michelle dougherty 
  • producer: keith bryant
  • lead designer: arisu kashiwagi
  • designers: joan lau, robin roepstorff, joseph ahn, wes yang, kris fortin, charles khoury
  • lead animators: thomas mcmahan, eric demeusy
  • editors: michael radtke, danielle white
  • illustrators: david mack, arisu kashiwagi
  • flame artist: rod basham
  • director of photography: dan kanes
  • design intern: jacob ferguson
  • photographers: sean dougherty, sidney prawatyotin
  • coordinator: nicole zschiesche
  • executive producer: ben apley