Minority Report

Gestural Interface & “Pre-Cog” Visions
Imaginary Forces worked closely with Steven Spielberg to visualize a futuristic user interface and its content, as well as edit, shoot and animate the “Pre-Cog” sequences for the film. The project was at the intersection of concept, design, and editorial, using all our skills to further the audience’s experience of a dystopian crime-detection unit.


what we did

Our challenge was to design a way that yet-to-be-committed crimes would be seen by a special police unit. We collaborated with John Underkoffler, who specializes in gestural UI, and the film’s production designer Alex McDowell, to determine how technology might behave in a not-quite-dystopian future. In addition, we shot, animated and edited the “Pre-Cog” crime sequences–the “future visions” seen in the film.


and then...

Our design process involved creating film and animation tests, to both figure out how the interface would function in the film as well as appear to the audience. The resulting visualization of gestural interface has influenced scores of UX design to date. Sources from The Guardian to the Wall Street Journal to NPR have noted the future technologies depicted in the film were prescient.