Riot: League of Legends All-Star Event

Branding for Riot Games
Over a three year period, Imaginary Forces partnered with Riot Games to develop the visual identity for their League of Legends Esports league. The goal was to reimagine gamers as a new kind of athlete.

what we did

We designed a gradually developing story, inspired by the game itself. Everything from competition graphics, social media content, and even large-scale stadium signage was created for this narrative about the Esports community.

and then...

The story broke through! In 2016, around 43 million unique viewers tuned in for the League of Legends World Finals, a larger draw than that year’s game 7 of the NBA Finals.


  • creative director: dan gregoras
  • producer: jon hassell
  • designers: henry chang, jeremy cox
  • animators: hayato yamane, sekani solomon
  • editor: jeremiah shuff
  • coordinator: tess sitzmann
  • executive producer: gabriel marquez