Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary

Special Opening for NBC
Peering back through 40 years of SNL’s star-studded history, the opening sequence for Saturday Night Live weaves together some of the most iconic comedians and timeless sketches into a horizontal timeline.

what we did

Teasers were created to represent the talent and grandeur associated with the occasion, revealing the event’s star-studded guest list and the SNL 40 logo.

and then...

The 40th Anniversary Special was more than well received, reaching over 23 million viewers – NBC’s most-watched program (aside from the Super Bowl) in over a decade.


  • creative directors: jeremy cox & alan williams
  • producer: kacie barton
  • designers: maggie tsao, jeremy cox, juan monasterio
  • animators: toros kose, adam tanner, andy mastrocinque, henry chang, juan monasterio, daniel blanco
  • editor: nate buchik
  • coordinator: cj trahan ii
  • executive producer: sarah roebuck