Shopify: Sustainability

Brand Film for Shopify
Tackling the greatest challenge of our time, Shopify’s climate commitment brings merchants, customers, and climate entrepreneurs together in the fight to reverse CO2 emissions. In true entrepreneurial spirit, these revolutionary technologies and the companies that are operating them are creating solutions for this vital and immediate global problem. 

what we did

We visualized and designed each company's unique technology to showcase in use. Creating a visual language, we locked the look of each technology and then designed and animated the UI and CG machinery, like the devices fitted directly to semi-trucks capturing exhaust emissions and the pods sinking carbon deep into the ocean. The result is a beautiful hero video that highlights hopefully technologies that can help the world.



  • creative director: rob slychuk
  • editor: alex anthony, danielle white, david nitzsche
  • assist editor: pat silvola
  • designer: rob slychuk, alejandro robledo, nader husseini 
  • animator: rob slychuk, claudia yi leon, james gardner, nader husseini, adam levine
  • producer: michael boretz
  • head of production: ryan burcham
  • coordinator: spencer ruehl