South Park

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We went down to South Park, and had ourselves a time…
For Season 17 show creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone wanted a fresh take on their familiar intro and enlisted Karin Fong and team to bring it to life.

what we did

The show’s hallmark flat characters were brought into a tangible, construction paper, 3D version of their world. We still pass by all the familiar places and faces, but in a way never before seen in South Park. It’s kept fans talking for 7+ seasons.



  • director: karin fong
  • producer: kacie barton
  • art director: alan williams
  • designers: alan williams, karin fong
  • 3d animators: alan williams, jeremy cox, steven lee, adam levine
  • editors: nate buchik, zach kilroy
  • compositors: alan williams, jeremy cox, juan monasterio
  • modelers: alan williams, jeremy cox, adam levine
  • flame artist: rod basham
  • storyboard artist: michael marsicano
  • coordinator: tess sitzmann
  • executive producer: gabriel marquez