The Feature Presentation opening for HBO

The classic 1980’s HBO Feature Presentation show open was reimagined to introduce the magic of movie time to a new generation. As an ode to the original, we made sure to keep a hint of analog mixed in with the updated look.

what we did.

Live-action, CG and a new fully orchestrated musical arrangement were combined to create an HBO Feature Presentation for a modern audience. The viewer flies through different living rooms in a city, eventually pulling out to reveal the iconic HBO logo. Each living room scene was crafted on a set and stitched together in post production.

and then...

We created a making-of video to capture the whole process.

creative director: dan gregoras

  • producer: lisa muñoz
  • designers: aaron maurer, ben zylberman
  • vfx supervisor: jeremy cox
  • cg lead: chris vincola
  • 3d modelers: roger an, muzi lee, hannah sung
  • 3d animation/tracking artist: joerg liebold
  • lighting and texture artists: cody chen, ken lee, chris vincola, roger an
  • compositors: tamir sapir, manu gaulot, ken lee, chris vincola, ari reisner
  • editor: rachel ambelang
  • coordinator: meredith engstrom
  • music composition: man made music
  • directors of photography: dallas sterling, ki s. hwang
  • line producer: adam lawson
  • head of production: aleen kim
  • executive producer: jon hassell
  • hbo head of marketing: chris spadaccini
  • hbo vp brand marketing: robert priday
  • hbo creative director: alyson bradshaw
  • hbo art directors: evan beier, gigi nicolas