Tell Me A Story main title for CBS All Access

Season 2 of the series re-imagines the princess stories — Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty — as a modern psychological drama. As the classic fairytales are not recounted in the series, the title sequence needed to root the show
in the original stories.

what we did.

Combining live-action timelapse techniques with 2D and 3D animation, we alluded to the look and feel of timeless fairy tale illustrations and merged them with stylized 18th-century silhouette paper cutouts to create a look that is both classic and unique.

creative director: karin fong

  • producer: renee robson
  • designers: rob slychuck, katherine liang, isabell hacker, kenneth robin, silvia grav
  • animators/modelers: rob slychuck, brandon savoy, merrill hall, ilya tselyutin
  • editor: lexi gunvaldson
  • illustrator: daae kim
  • photographer: isabell hacker
  • animation intern: hyun joon kim
  • coordinator: jackson kerr