Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan main title for Amazon

For Season 2 the filmmakers wanted the title sequence to create a visual portrait of Jack Ryan. To showcase the nuanced personality that makes Jack ‘Jack’ we merged two concepts which reflect his world: Duality and Pattern Recognition.

what we did.

The ‘Duality’ of Jack’s life is expressed through split screens revealing his experiences as civilian and soldier. This effect is coupled with ‘Pattern Recognition’ – the computer data and analytics that detail Jack’s personal life and military service.

and then...

Prime Video’s X-Ray featured the title sequence in a special “making of” segment, which includes an exclusive interview with Creative Director Karin Fong. See it in-app or watch it below!

creative director: karin fong

  • producer: renee robson
  • designers: chris salvador, brandon savoy, merrill hall
  • animators/compositors: rob slychuck, brandon savoy, kiyoon nam, merrill hall, jesse bafia
  • editor: lexi gunvaldson
  • photographer/additional design: isabell hacker
  • coordinator: mitchell fraser
  • head of production: franceska bucci
  • executive producer: jon hassell