"VS MACHINES" film for SK-II

‘VS MACHINES’ is a tribute film to Japan’s first ever Olympic badminton doubles Gold medalists Ayaka Takahashi and Misaki Matsutomo. Directed by Alan Williams in collaboration with WPP, the film explores a futuristic dystopia where competition is the main reason for existence. Learn more about SKII Beauty Is #NoCompetition Campaign

what we did.

“Our main creative challenge was to take the all-too-common reality of toxic expectations faced by all women – not just Takahashi and Matsutomo – and repackage it in a way that made the viewer see it with new eyes and truly feel it. Through the poetic language of human-turned-robots and a towering kaiju, I feel our team did just that. I couldn’t be more excited to share this with the world.”
– Alan Williams, Director

A bespoke soundtrack was created by Eclectic Sounds who composed and designed the track as the story was developed.

director: alan williams

  • producers: christine hernandez, jon hassell, aleen kim, jared libitsky
  • writers: leo savage, alan williams
  • lead design & art direction: russ gautier
  • cg technical direction: russ gautier, meng-yang lu
  • lead animator : james gardner
  • cg character design : kelton cram
  • animators & compositors : james gardner, jake ferguson, henry chang, blaise hossain
    matt shadis, jesse bafia, daniel onassis
  • character animation : evan mayfield, matt parent
  • designer & animator: sekani solomon
  • edited by jeremiah shuff, lexi gunvaldson
  • vfx animation: russ gautier
  • storyboards: tyler gibb
  • researcher & translator : sakuya mio
  • production coordinator: tucker reese
  • executive producer: jon hassell
  • executive creative director: peter frankfurt