Amazon Prime Thursday Night Football 2023

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You know the gameplan, we're back on your TV screens every Thursday night! Amazon Prime Video got us fired up to create more intros for Thursday Night Football. Scroll to see how we scored big this season. 

Eagles vs. Vikings

Minnesota Vikings vs. Philadelphia Eagles
09/15/2022 – Live from Philadelphia


Giants vs. 49ers

New York Giants vs. San Francisco 49ers
09/21/2022 – Live from San Francisco


what we did

Our lineup of designers, animators and illustrators tackled Prime’s creative brief with our cinematic approach to create something very untraditional for the NFL while using old school design techniques. Referencing Saul Bass and Krazy Kat, we merged 2D cut-out drawings with 3D CGI to highlight the nostalgia of repping fans’ favorite football teams while rooting for Prime’s new features like alternate streams and real-time stats. With each week comes new easter eggs and a soundtrack to drive the visual. We interchanged the jerseys, highlighted the stars and storylines to keep superfans fired up and freezing frames every Thursday night.

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